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Hello! I’m David Samuel, an expert in snow tires with more than a decade of experience in the tire industry. My current mission at SnowyTires.com is to ensure that drivers are well-equipped, and well-informed for safe winter travels, by sharing my passion and expertise for snow tires.

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, I was introduced to challenging winter driving conditions from an early age. This developed into a lifelong passion and drove me to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. After graduating, I dove headfirst into the tire industry, where I quickly developed a knack for technical details and a dedication to customer safety.

My journey in this industry has taken me through various pivotal roles. I’ve worked on assembly lines, engaged in technical research and development, and mastered every facet of snow tire production and application. This diverse range of experiences grants me a comprehensive understanding of the field that few can match.

What I love most about my work is the opportunity to educate drivers about the importance of the right snow tires. Here at SnowyTires.com, I share detailed blogs and informative content to help you understand tire specifications, proper usage, maintenance, and safety measures.

Beyond my work in the tire industry, I am also a certified Winter Driving Instructor. I regularly host workshops where I train drivers to navigate winter roads safely. I strongly believe that the right equipment, coupled with proper driving skills, can significantly reduce the risk associated with winter driving.

Outside of my professional commitments, I am a passionate skier, spending my leisure time conquering the snowy slopes of Colorado. When I’m not on the mountains, I enjoy quality time with my family. I believe in living a balanced life where my dedication to winter safety permeates both my professional and personal pursuits.

As David Samuel, I am more than just a snow tire expert – I am a proponent for safe winter road navigation. With me, you are not merely purchasing snow tires; you are gaining the confidence and knowledge needed for secure winter travel from a seasoned professional deeply committed to your safety.